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Super Duper Messaging Manager

Super Duper Messaging Manager is a content provider that supplements the standard “sms”, “mms” and “mms-sms” content authorities in Android. SDMM provides a supplemental set of authorities (“sdsms”, “sdmms” and “sdmms-sdsms”) that you can use to fully access the SMS provider while SDMM is the “Default SMS App” set by the user.

SDMM allows you to integrate your text messaging app or text messaging features on Android KitKat phones and perform required features as if your app is the “Default SMS App” when Super Duper Messaging Manager is the Default. Access to the standard SMS provider is through the use of SDMM authorities that map directly to the standard SMS authorities.

This will allow your app to properly update and delete SMS and send MMS. This includes apps that perform full -featured text messaging, and also apps that provide SMS blocking, SMS quick replies, backup/recovery, etc. The integration of the SDMM platform can be done by using the SDMM SDK and following the integration steps below:

1. Get the SDK

The SDK provides the base classes that supplement core SMS / MMS classes in Android. SDMM detects whether it is the “Default SMS App” and routes your app's calls to the appropriate authority and/or worker class. For example, a call to a SQLiteWrapper will include naming the appropriate authority. If SDMM is the “Default SMS App” then the SQLiteWrapper with use the SDMM authority. If it is not, it will use the standard Android authority.

3. Determine Access Type

Determine the type of access you need for SDMM to work for your app. Access types determine the type and priority of access that your app is provided. This allows SDMM to support pre-processing of messages prior to full-featured messaging app processing. Also, it allows apps that require infrequent messaging database access, like backup apps, the ability to have a seamless user experience.

2. Generic Installation Instructions

To integrate the SDMM SDK, follow these instructions. Since your app may access the SMS content provider in a variety of ways, the SDK is written to support a lot of different content provider calls. Please contact us if you are having trouble with the integration process.

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